About Us

About Us

WELCOME to MAD On Collections, we are a Social Media site, and much, much more, for the "Objects People Love". We are all about the objects people collect and treasure, often with great stories to tell. Well, MAD On C, as we call ourselves, is just the place for that.

There are over 50 different types of Social Media and Commercial galleries where you can share, promote, buy and sell what we call 'collectionibles', valuable collectibles of every conceivable type, all for no cost.  

To find out more about the many commercial (colour coded in gold) and social media (colour coded in blue) galleries have a look at the Galleries Guide.

MAD On C is the acronym for the communities we serve in the world of collections and collecting - Museums, Auction Houses, Dealers, Organisations (other types of corporates), Non-profits (clubs, societies and similar groups) and, of course, Collectors.

MAD On C is a place in the world where all these passionate people can meet, privately and together, to share their love of the Objects they collect, 'because there is always something more'. But please remember, there is ONE thing we don’t do 

.....We don’t allow people to buy and sell on the platform itself - why, because MAD On C will not take the commissions. We are here to promote business, not compete for it with the Trade communities we serve. MAD On C is an icommerce platform, providing information to promote commerce.

So whatever your interest we have created thousands upon thousands of categories of objects people love and collect, a process that will never stop. Our single request is that all objects listed must be of a commercial quality, that's why we call them collectionibles, and that's why it's free to list a few items every month, but we do charge after that.