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Featured Listings

Do you have a special item? Do you want to promote it to potentially 100,000+ people from around the world? You can now list in to MAD on Collection's new 'Featured' section. 

It might be the best $10 you'll ever spend... 

Why would you want a featured item on MADonC? 

-  There is no expiry for your listing. It will be there until it sells, whether that be one week or one year.

-  Your listing will be featured in MADonC's marketing emails sent to 10,000's of people worldwide (exact quantity depends on the subject matters relevance).

-  It will be shared to a relevant MAD on Collection's Facebook page or group.

-  It will also be shared to a relevant MAD on Collection's Pinterest board.

There are no commissions, no charges, just one simple promotion fee. All for only $10.00 USD.

Where do you start? It's easy, all you need to do is register on MAD on Collections as either a Dealer or an Auction House (including our free membership levels) and then select 'Create Listing' from the menu.

Try it today, for any more information contact Richard Wooders

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Communities are our way of trying to involve everyone who is or isn't a collector in collecting. We want to get everyone involved in the excitement of finding, sharing and showing really great objects with really great stories.  

Communities are a digital, virtual archive celebrating a current theme or topic of wide public interest where we can ALL play a part in assembling a collection for the world to appreciate. It might be about a person, an event, a country or a cause; anything that many of us have something to contribute to.  

It allows us all to share the objects we own - you don't have to part with ownership, but you can share your passion for something with other passionate people to create a publicly view-able  collection. The communities are living, because they continue to grow, to build and to tell a story for us all to follow. 

Have you got something that belongs in a Communities you want to share? Please, we are just getting going, but if you have a suggestion, please get in touch

Restricted Galleries

Restricted galleries are where objects of a risqué or similar nature are quarantined for viewing only by restricted audiences. We don’t exclude images that some people appreciate and which might offend others, so we have created restricted galleries where this type of material may be archived for restricted viewing.

 To restrict viewing we are not able to offer to view to registered members, only to paying members. 

If you see an image that does offend, do please let us know and we will review it for suitability in the public or restricted galleries. Please contact us


The Watchdog System on MAD On C is communications tool we use for managing community relations. It covers every aspect of our operations from suggested feedback, to ideas and complaints. 

Using it is easy - it appears at the bottom of every listing on the right hand side, simply click on it, tick the appropriate box and / or include a message.

The watchdog system is private between ourselves and our individual users and community members. 

We are trying at MAD On C to promote eCommerce between our community members directly, but we trade in information, not collectables. The watchdog system is one way we are trying to make sure that information is accurate, independent and authentic.

Contact Us

All communications should be directed via our contact form, this service allows your enquiry to be dealt with by the appropriate specialist.

This includes all correspondence in relation to

- Advertising

- Dealer Relations

- Club Support

- Quality Control

- Complaints

Plus all general inquiries...

For all physical correspondence, Please mail to

MAD On Collections
P.O. Box 80/226
Green Bay, Waitakere,
Auckland, 0643
New Zealand.

Listing Events

MAD On C is a great place for listing events so you can tell the world about them. Visitors can find them, more people can attend and of course, they can be found on MAD on C in all sorts of ways.

Specialised gallerIes dedicated to events allow all types - Exhibitions, shows, fairs, public auctions, meetings, markets etc 

Listing an Event 

4 steps to listing an Event:

Step 1: Go to the menu on the top right of the web page and click ‘Create Event’. 

Step 2: Fill in all the event details in the fields as shown. 

Step 3: Write a description of the event thinking about who might be interested.

Step 4: Once you’ve completed all the details, click ‘Create’ to finalise your event... and you're done."


Use the directories to market your brand and products to the communities using MAD On C.   

MAD On C is building Directories of many of its communities, which can be searched and found by reference to category, products, location, address, types of groups and communities and more ...... those communities include:

- Museums and like institutions including libraries; 

- Auction Houses; 

- Dealers; 

- Organisations, corporates, all the suppliers of goods and services into the collections industry; 

- Non-profits including Clubs, societies, associations and similar groups, all by types

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Advertising on MADonC

1.  Why Advertise with MAD On Collections

2.  Types of Advertisements

3.  Advertising Policy

 1. Why Advertise with MAD On Collections

Why Advertise on MAD On C?

Because the audience is passionate about the content, and the advertising itself is displayed in a manner which respects the beauty and imagery of a viewing gallery within which the content and advertising are displayed together.

Quality Content

MAD On C's policy of only showing quality content means that your advertisements are in great company when they are displayed. Your advertising is shown together with the most cherished and sought-after items. MAD On C uses a variety of means to assure its quality content listings.

MAD On C is a Gallery for imagery & Videos

MAD on C is first and foremost a gallery for display purposes. Its policy of no eCommerce, no commissions, no conflicts means it is not some eCommerce trading site where users are targeted by relevance to a marketplace.

Adverts DON'T chase the audience

The content of your advertising is displayed with content in the galleries on MAD On C that is relevant to the specific interest groups you select as your audience. This means that the audiences find the adverts through their interests rather than the adverts finding the audience through their preferences and past recorded behaviours.

Communities Focus

MAD On C was created to serve the communities and interest groups in the world of collections and collectionibles. It promotes awareness and commerce to benefit its members (paying and non-paying) seeking to overcome the inherent shortcomings of the internet for those seeking to trade online, by offering alternatives.


MAD On C's own branding seeks to assure harmony with the brands of its community members mindful of the quality nature of the content and images shown.

A Passionate Audience

Whatever a member's community or communities, whatever their role in those communities there is one thing you can say about everyone of our members - they are passionate! If you want to engage with passionate interested people, this is the place to be!

Our Services

We are not a social media site given simply to offering content for viewing, we serve the needs of an industry offering a variety of services to both fee and non-fee paying members including searching for specific items to buy, to sell, to value, to collect, to view and of course to verify their provenance and condition. We promote events, offer travel guides for members wishing to follow their passion internationally. So, as you might expect, multiple languages will be coming to the site shortly.  


The nature of the services we offer, the many different types and styles of marketplaces and other features we offer our members ensures a high level of engagement with the audience we serve.

MAD On C is unique 

MAD On C is unique in its defined mission to help communities and interest groups, as a community media platform.

2. Types of Advertisements

 Advertising with MAD On Collections is highly targeted by reference to the specific interest groups and communities selected. Many online media platforms follow their users' preferences and insert advertising appropriate to those preferences which are often out of context. Advertising on MAD On Collections is in context and specific to the specific interest groups you select. In other words, the audiences find the adverts through their interests rather than the adverts finding the audience through their preferences.

Because the enjoyment of the content on MAD On C is a requirement of our audiences, MAD On C has greatly limited the advertising on the platform. Furthermore, as our users require a gallery format, we have restricted the limited advertising to a few specific areas in order to maximise the impact of the advertising and minimise its impact on the overall visual experience of the beauty of the listings shown.

Advertisements on Devices

All advertisement types described below work equally on mobile, tablet, desktop and PC.

Types of Advertisements

MAD On C offers the following types of advertising:-

1.     1st Billboards

These are billboard at the top of the gallery or marketplace and rotate adverts in and out. A single rotation time is preset to provide the viewer with sufficient time to read the advert. The number of different adverts can either be 10 adverts or 30 adverts. As the viewer scrolls down a gallery, the Billboard is lost from view.

 2.     2nd & 3rd Billboards

As Billboards, these ads operate in the same way as the 1st Billboard rotating images. They are located on the side of a gallery. These ads are continuously viewed as they scroll down with the viewer. They are initially shown as sidebar ads on the opening section of the gallery. Their positioning remains on the side, but because they are constantly viewed, they in effect become the banner ads in the gallery as a user scrolls down the content.

 3.     Banner Ads

These are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Billboard ads but static with a single advertisement. They do not rotate ads.

 4.     Social Media Feed

MAD On C's systems enable advertisers to automatically feed their social media listings to their adverts on MAD On C. Their social media postings can, therefore become their advertising content on MAD On C.

5.     In Gallery Scratchcard Ad

This is a surprise ad, as a digital advertisement that mimics a lottery type scratch card. The viewer uses the mouse on a PC or a finger of using a mobile phone or tablet in order to uncover the ad. It is an opportunity for an advertiser to engage twice with the viewer and creates engagement between the viewer and the ad.
It is in nature equivalent to a click through. Used creatively, it can be a very powerful means of communication. This is the only form of advertising permitted within a marketplace or gallery.

 6.     Banner Swapper

This is a banner ad where a static advertisement is shown but when a person hovers over the advert with a mouse or finger, a second advertisement is shown.

7.     Expandable Banner

This is a banner ad with a static advertisement on it. When a mouse or finger hovers over the banner, a drop down banner appears which is 2x the size of the original banner and shows further advertising content.

 8.     Banner Video

This is a banner advertisement with a video link.

 9.     Screen Savers

Screen saver ads appear in each and every gallery and marketplace. They appear automatically when there has been inactivity on the platform for a pre-programmed lapse of time by a user. Screen saver ads appear on the user's screen alone without any other content and must be closed by the user to continue viewing or leaving the Site. Screen saver ads can be small or fill the device (PC, tablet or mobile phone) screen.

 10.  Notifications - Emails

These are emails sent to a user automatically by the MAD On C platform when a listing is made that corresponds to the user's interests. Users are invited without obligation to register their interests on their personal member dashboards. When such a listing is made the user is automatically notified of the listing for viewing purposes.

11.  Notification Email Banners

These are the banners that appear at the top of the notification emails.

 12.  Notifications Email bottom bars

These are the bottom banners that appear on notification emails. There are three bottom banners on the email. 

 13.   Keyword Targeting

Up to 20 Keywords are permitted per advertisement.

3. Advertising Policy

MAD On C's revenue must not compete with its clients

MAD On C's objectives include promoting the popularity and trade in Collections and Collectionibles worldwide, and so grow the communities it serves. MAD On C is not a sales platform. If it were it would be competing with its clients. So MAD On C must earn its revenues elsewhere and in a manner that does not conflict with its clients. Advertising is a source of revenues.

Equality of treatment between trading professionals

In serving the variety of different communities, in addition to its policy of non-conflict, MAD On C observes a policy of equal treatment of those communities of trading professionals. Its policy of equality of treatment means that:

· Auction Houses and Dealers are not permitted to advertise and, in effect, they do so by listing items in the galleries; and

· Advertising of specific items is not permitted as again, these are what the galleries and marketplaces are for. Products and product lines are permitted, but not specific stand-alone items; 

Content Advertising

Advertising is permitted as long as it can be displayed in a manner that works harmoniously with the collectionibles content or items listed on the platform. Advertising that for any reason does not, cannot be accepted.

All Advertisements submitted are subject to the sole and discretionary approval of MAD on Collections. We reserve the right to refuse to accept advertisements at any time for any reason.

Approval and publication of an advertisement by MAD On C on its site or used in its marketing do not constitute an endorsement of that product.

Advertising copy must be factual, it must not mislead and it must not offend in any way. 

We encourage transparency and the use of links in all listings and advertising and an advertiser cannot link to a page that prevents a user from easily returning to the MAD on C Platform.

MAD On C will not permit advertisements for the following products or services at any time:-

· anything illegal, offensive or objectionable

· anything unsuitable for an audience of under 13 years of age, in our sole discretion;

· anything fraudulent, deceptive, illicit, misleading or which discriminates in any way or form an individual or group or community on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, material status, or disability

· unreasonable, unlikely or extraordinary product or service claims

· advertisements that contain spyware or adware or link to such a site.

 All advertisements are accepted and published on the warranty of the advertiser and their representatives that they are authorized to publish the entire contents and subject matter of the advertisement and are not infringing any copyright, intellectual property of other rights in doing so.

MAD On C shall not be liable for any failure to publish an advertisement and will do its best to publish advertisements.

MAD On C is not responsible for incidental or consequential damage for any errors in displaying any Advertisement.

For more information about advertising on MAD on C please contact us.