Searching and Saved Searches

Ever get fed up with not being able to find what you want .... well, we are working on a solution, so you can find EXACTLY what you want in the infinite world of collecting and collections.

There are two search engines on MAD On C, the first, The Category Search Engine, at the top of each gallery, and the second, The Advanced Search Engine, on the left-hand side of the galleries.

The Category Search Engine is for general category search, type in the category of object you are looking for, predictive text will give you alternatives and off you go.

The Advanced Search Engine can be used for a pinpoint search or for a broader search in all sorts of ways ...  

- just select a Gallery, Commercial or Social media, or all of them;

- chose the sub-gallery where relevant;

- chose a caption within a gallery, captions label the type of listing;

- If you are in commercial galleries, you can choose a price range

- chose a country

- chose any keywords, and you are on your way.

Saved Searches

Below the search button, you can save your search - this means that every time you want to carry out the same search you don't have to. Just activate the search and it will be done. 

You can save multiple searches